December 6, 2015

comfort zone

Wearing: Vintage white tee, Vintage bralette, Blush Boutique jeans(c/o), H&M cap, Newchic egg crossbody(c/o), Newchic white sneakers(c/o)

Comfort is the most important part when it comes to choosing outfits. Even though sometimes I dress a tad bit louder for fancier occasions, I'd always go with something I'm comfortable in. I shot a few pictures in my room last weekend with the new things I received from Newchic and this is just me in my comfort/usual state: messy hair, sneakers, and something simple and not so weather appropriate. Speaking about something simple, I've never really had something as simple as a pair of sneakers. So, I figured getting a white pair would be a great idea to start off with(minus the part of having to clean it every time when it gets dirty), plus this is a thick sole sneakers so I think it'd last for a really long time. 
Anyways, I think you guys will be seeing much more indoor shoots starting from now as I've been hiding in my apartment for almost everyday(except for the going-to-school & going-to-the-gym part), not because I'm an introvert or anything it's just that school work is being an ass. I'll be seeing the sun and breathing fresh air(maybe with some dirt) once winter break starts! Till then!!

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