August 19, 2015


After several changes, I decided to stick with this simple 1 column blog layout(though, I'm still not quite feeling it). Anyways, I thought it's time to put my "creative content" mind out so I dug through my 2014 album and found these(and also a bunch of photos that is basically just sitting there). These are a group of photos of me showcasing flimsy summer pieces with some simple accessories slash a collab with Blush Boutique and BbLila. My style has evolved a lot these past few years, from a bunch of jewelries to a few and to none(look at: recent instagram pics); from colorful 'fits to neutral toned 'fits. I guess this is what you called growing up...
On the other hand, my travel adventure continues tomorrow as I have to fly to Saigon, Vietnam! I've officially moved out of America and I'm now moving to Vietnam. Although moving from country to country is quite exhausting but this is a really exciting adventure! 
Am about to watch some Chinese reality travel show, will see you guys in my comfy apartment in Saigon~


Thanks for visiting! x

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